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And so the Buffy franzy begins... XD

Okay. I know I've been kinda off LJ lately, but I have the weird feeling that it's going around a lot (I mean, I know a lot of people are more focus on RL too ^^), but I have an excuse!

Well, not really XD Remember me, squeeing all over Buffy and all? Well, I've finished my super marathon about 4 days ago, and since I knew I was going to be in serious Buffy withdrawal, I had the best idea: let's rip all those pretty 40 DVDs so I can make music videos!!

Yep, I did it. And yep, it took me 2 full days of "laptop always on, ripping like crazy" XD Gosh I so have no life HAHA!! :D

Anyway ^^ I'm happy, I have lots and lots of scenes, in great quality, so that's yummy! And I've of course already made a video lol. Started it yesterday around that time, and it's already done XD

So I don't really know what it worth, I just know it's not my best work ^^ It's just me, wanting to make a Buffy video, but also wanting to make a Spuffy video, with tones and tones of scenes to use, and just 4 minutes to do it :D Also, it's not the kind of song I usually use, but I don't know why I love this one so much! I just looove the energy of this one, and seemed like a good choice ^^

Even if I know youtube is gotta mute it as soon as I upload it. I know, I tested it on my test account *sighs* Assholes. I don't care ^^ I made it for my own fun!!! But I'm sharing anyway, for the few of you who might have loved the show in the past :))

So you have two options: The first one is on yahoo video (since THEY don't kick videos out >_<), and I think it's working fine.
But the second one is much better quality I think, but you need the windows movie video player or something I guess, and it takes more time. Follow the link if you wanna see :)

Anyway, this is just the video maker in me rambling ^^

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