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Fleeting Thoughts


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My journal is Friend Only :) Click on the pic to go on the FO post! (I love making new friends :D)

About the Frenchie

My name is Ambre, but I’m known as Elialys all over the fandom(s) world (not that I’m known KNOWN, but, you know…XD). I am 22. Looong brown hair, brown eyes.
I’m a French chick working as an Au Pair in the US (Pennsylvania), and I’m LOVING IT! :D Writing is my biggest passion, I've been writing fanfics since I was 15 (and unreadable stories since I was 9 XD) I also love to read, to make different kind of ‘virtual’ art like videos, icons and stuffs.
My virtual life is crazy and far more interesting than my RL. I LOVE my friends here, and I always love to make more! :D

My fandoms

1- CSI: HUUUUUGE fan of the GSR ship since 2005. ‘Huge’ isn’t even enough to cover it. Crazy, crazy fangirl, totally devoted to Grissom and Sara, in my writing as well as in my arting. My OTP ♥ I’m really sad it’s (almost) over, but as long as I know they are living their happy Geek live together (and having GeekBabies), I’m happy :)) I’m also crazy about Jorja Fox. This chick is made of awesome ♥

2- House MD: I’ve discovered the show when it was into its second season, and I think I’ve watched the 1st season in 4 days at that time XD I’ve never missed an episode since then, I LOVE this show. Hugh Laurie is excellent:, House is amazing, I’m totally in love with him ♥ I’m also starting to really, really love the Huddy ship. I think they are handling it superbly right now, I hope it’ll keep going that way! :D

3- Buffy: Used to be a real, crazy fangirl, and I still love the show dearly ♥ I was (and still is sometimes) a Spuffy Shipper XD

4- Fringe: LOVING that show! It's currently my big love ^^ Like many fans of that wonderful show, I adore the Olivia/Peter couple. Season 3 kicks ass, so far!


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Tanny is my personal Danish Fandom, and it's THE BEST ♥

Sara is Love
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GSR = my OTP
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Jorja Fox Rocks my Socks
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